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Game 6 World Series

As much as it pains me to see it, being a Cubs fan, that was one gutsy effort by St. Louis. What they did was unheard of, and displayed a tremendous amount of heart. Rangers were my preseason pick to win the world series, but it will take a huge bounce back to recover from such a devestating loss. I really though Josh Hamilton's homer in the 10th was going to be the end of the game, it would have been the perfect ending to the season for Texas. "The best comeback player in baseball hits the game winning homer to give his team their first World Series ever." It would have been perfect. David Freese and company had other plans. This game 6 has gotten me truely excited about baseball for the first time since the dramatic last day of the regular season, and I can't wait for game 7.

Bouncing back is going to be hard for the Rangers, especially with the game beingaway, but I just don't see Ron Washington letting them get bounced from the World Series two straight seasons. I see Josh Hamilton having a big game, Mike Napoli continuing his hot streak, and the Rangers taking this in a 5-3 ballgame.

So guys, who you got? Rangers or Cards? Post your predictions in the comments

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Syracuse's chances getting slimmer and slimmer

After two straight losses that we very well could of won, Syracuse's chances of making the tourny are looking pretty dark. Although Joe Lunardi has us as one of the "last four out" on his latest bracketology, some of our players have not been playing with the heart and level of intensity that is expected of them. *cough* Greene *cough* We have a tough end of the year schedule. But IMO with 2 regular season wins and 1 BE tourny win, we are in.
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Memphis TennesSEE'S their perfect year disappear

3...2...1...0. The end of a perfect season. 1 Memphis has fallen to 2 Tennessee. This in-state battle came down to the wire. The Tigers are down by 3, 6 seconds left. Super-Frosh Derrick Rose is fouled. Sinks the first. Misses the second (on purpose) and the Tigers couldn't rebound. Lofton is fouled with 4.5 seconds left. Like he's got ice in his veins, he makes 2 pressure free-throws look routine. The chances at a perfect season over, but the question of who will come out on top in March still remains.

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The West gets even stronger.

Wow each one of these big deals propels another.

First Lakers trade basically nothing for Pau Gasol.

Than the Suns get hosed in a trade for Shaq.

Now the Mavericks have traded their future for about two years production from a great player.


The Lakers definately got the best out of these 3 trades, but all of these trades have made the west stronger.

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wink91wink's NFL Power Rankings

1) Giants- Why do I put them here? It's simple. They are the super bowl champs. Are the Patriots super bowl champs? No, so until next year the Giants are #1.<o:p></o:p>


2) Patriots- They didn't go 18-1 for nothing. They had a great team, maybe one of the greatest ever. Their defense is aging, and that could be a problem for them.<o:p></o:p>


3) Colts- They never have a bad year. With Peyton Manning at QB, how could you? Harrison and Freeney will be returning from injuries. If they stay healthy, they could make a serious run at the super bowl. Could we see a Manning 3-peat? Maybe.<o:p></o:p>


4) Packers-I'm not entirely sure where to place the Packers because their rankigns depend on Brett Favre's retirement. Brett Favre=4, no Brett Favre way <4.<o:p></o:p>


5) Romo is still developing and TO is just a fantastic reciever. I think trading Marion Barber would be a mistake, but who knows. Whatever the case, this team will come back as one of the best in the NFC.


6) Jaguars- I'm going with the Jaguars here. Them and the Chargers are pretty tight though. So why the Jaguars here? Well I believe that Garrard will only get better, they have a tough defense, and they have a monstorous running game. Why not the chargers? Rivers hasn't proven to me yet that he is a legit starting QB. He makes too many mistakes.<o:p></o:p>


7) Chargers- See above

8) Seahawks- If they can find a way to revive that running game they have had in years past, they could be serious competition in the NFC, and even the NFL.

9) Steelers- When you look at this team on paper, you wonder why they don't do better in games? If they can develop some more team chemistry, they could have one of the best teams in the NFL.

10) Browns- Wow, where did they come from? Jamal Lewis did have a good year, but he is past his better years, and his age will start to show. Also their pass defense is horrendous. Expect this young team to take a couple more years before becoming elite.

11) Eagles- Just like the steelers, they have a great team on paper. They have been plagued by injuries though. Brian Westbrook is a top 5 back, and with this team healthy they can be great.

12) Saints- They will come marching in. Something in me wants to put them higher, but my better judgement says no. They showed after their 0-4 start what team the nation expected them to be. If they can start off playing like they did mid-late season, than they could be tough.

13) Redskins- Wow, this coaching situation is a disaster. Why would a team higher the Offensive and Defensive coordinators before hiring a head coach? Good thing they have talent.

14) Buccaneers- Jeff Garcia is not getting any younger. They could have one more run to the wild card-round of the playoffs, but that's about it.

15) Panthers- Am I crazy? Of course not. When Jake Delhomme is healthy this is team is great. But the thing is we dont often see Delhomme healthy.

16) Vikings- Adrian Peterson is a monster. Imagine if they got a passing game going. That's a scary thought...... Wait, I just remembered their QB is Tavaris Jackson. They're not going anywhere for now.

17) Bears- With a set QB and healthy defense this team is very solid. The thing is they have Kyle Orton, Brian Griese, and Rex Grossman to choose from.

18) Titans- Vince Young can't do it all. He really just has no talent around him on this team. This team could be alot higher if they got him a playmaker.

19) Broncos- Cutler showed flashes of brillience this year. They must fix their run defense this off-season or they will stay right here.

20) Rams- One of the best offenses in the NFL, but one of the worst defenses. With Bulger and Steven Jackson healthy they might just be able to carry this team without the help of defense.

21) Texans- Matt Schaub was a good-pickup. They must get a solid runningback though. Thier defense played much better than in years past.

22) Bengals- A lot like the Rams, their offense is exceptional, while their defense doesn't know how to tackle. All this Chad Johnson trrade talk is creating a distraction, and it will be best for this team when it ends.

23) Cardinals- With one of the best WR tandems in the league, this team could be great. They must fix their defense, and get Edgerrin James back on track.

24) Ravens- Who will be their QB? Your guess is as good as mine. They will probably go QB in the draft and get someone like Woodson, Brohm, or Ryan. They have a fantasic defense and that is a huge plus.

25) Chiefs- Larry Johnson is one of the best RB's in the league, but the chiefs O-line does not let him showcase his skill. Brodie Croyle is a huge ? and if the chiefs get Jake Long in the draft, it would fill a huge need.

26) Bills- Who will be the Qb. Is it Losman or Edwards? They must make up their mind of they want this team to go places. Marshawn Lynch is a monster.

27) Lions- Their is really not a lot of upside to this team. They have a aging QB, no running game, no O-line, and a average defense. They must improve their O-line if they want to contend.

28) 49ers- This Qb situation is just awful. Alex Smith is obviously not the QB of the future. At least they have a bright spot in Frank Gore.

29) Jets- Not a lot of talent on this team. Most teams have at least one guy that is that team's go-to-guy. I don't see that on this team.

30) Falcons- Roddy White is a great reciever, but they still are a well-below average team. Alot of problems they need to fix.

31) Raiders- I think this may be the won of the worst teams in history, yet they still aren't worst in the league. Al Davis is a moron. Either fire your coach or dont.

32) Dolphins- Point blank, they are the worst team in the league. They have too many problems to list so I will just keep it at that.

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Buster Olney expects Brian Roberts a cub

Buster Olney has the latest on the Cubs' talks to acquire second baseman Brian Roberts. According to Olney: Sources involved in Baltimore's trade talks with Chicago expressed confidence that at some point, the Orioles and Cubs will finish the proposed Brian Roberts deal. Olney says Sean Gallagher would be the centerpiece of the deal. On February 3rd, ESPN's Jayson Stark said Gallagher or Sean Marshall would be included, but beyond that nothing has been decided. off of
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We cud get Roberts without giving up Pie or Hill

The sidebar of Jayson Stark's recent column gets into the Brian Roberts situation a bit.  Stark says:

According to teams that have spoken to the Cubs and Orioles, they still haven't settled on any of the specifics. The Orioles would get back a starting pitcher -- either Sean Gallagher or Sean Marshall. But beyond that, nothing is particularly concrete.

Stark also talked to a baseball man who doubts Felix Pie would be in the trade, a sentiment shared by Ken Rosenthal.  It makes sense that a Roberts deal would have its own complications - after all, it's taken over two months for the Orioles to trade Erik Bedard.

This makes me feel like once the Bedard trade is finalized, the Orioles asking price for Roberts will lower. I hope thats the case.
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